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World's First Enclosed-type
Reagent Cabinet

Hydrodynamics design, world's first enclosed self-circulating reagent cabinet


Zeofiltech's filtering technology creates
safe environment separated from harmful substances

ZEOFILTECH’s eco-friendly technology creates
a safe and pleasant environment.

ZEOFILTECH, a global leading company
with filter technology


20 years of outstanding skills

Since its establishment in 2005, our company has been dedicated to developing products that create a pleasant environment in industrial sites and research labs. We achieve this through continuous research and development.


Delivery of more than 2000 items per year.

the foundation for our growth as a global leader in the production of competitive R&D equipment.


Zeofiltech's 17 patented technologies.

It is the world's first technology to design and manufacture pollution control equipment to remove various pollutants.

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